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    LPU - 4 r four components sponge foaming machine

    Company main products LPUG - 2 series high pressure foaming machine, LPU - type 2 low pressure foaming machine series, HD type ring assembly line, automatic production line for disc, LPU - 2 b series

    LPU - 3 minute hand valve foaming machine z three groups

    The nose structure is novel, different color can be instantly switch production products of different density. Radial rotation Angle up to 320 degrees, the longest arc radius can be extended to five m

    LPU - 3 rz bicycle saddle automatic foaming machine

    Container three-tier structure, the tank is stainless steel material, material can effective volume has 60 l, 100 l, 220 l, 350 l, 600 l, and other specifications. Spit out the amount according to dif

    LPU - type 2 foaming machine

    Mixing head light dexterity, special structure and durable, synchronous vomit, stir well, never plug the nozzle, using precision injection allocation rotary valve, with very long life.

    20 years of production strengthTeng Liang is a research and production as one of the manufacture of polyurethane equipment. Continuous product development and transformation.

    Strong development, production capacityProton has a group of more than ten years of good work in the production of polyurethane of the first line of engineering and technical personnel.

    Complete service systemOur products stand the test of different users, and the praise, and to protect the interests of every customer!

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    Jiangsu Liang Teng Machinery Co., Ltd.

    Jiangsu Liang Teng Machinery Co., Ltd. is a research and production as one of professional design and manufacture of polyurethane equipment. The company\'s main products LPUG-2 series high-pressure foaming machine, LPU-2 series low pressure foaming machine, HD-ring type assembly line, automatic disc production lines, LPU-2B Series polyurethane Disu machine equipment....[More+]

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    Liang Tang is a research and production as one of professional manufacture of polyurethane equipment business.

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